Christopher Pickering

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Brief History of the Park 

The park opened on the 13th July 1911.
The land for the park was donated to the city by Christopher Pickering; he also provided the funds to build the Alms Houses which you can see near the gates and the money to build the original St. Nicholas Church, which was replaced by the current church in the 1960's, and the children's home across the road from the church. Having co-founded Pickering and Haldane's Steam Trawling Co., Pickering would go on to make numerous charitable donations to the people of Hull.

During the Second World War it was agreed by the Council that the gates and railings around the Park should be retained, rather than using the metal to help the war-effort, so that the Park could be used for grazing.  The result was that, unlike many other buildings and gardens in the country, the railings were preserved for posterity.  The railings were finally taken down by request of the residents of Pickering Road for aesthetic reasons, and that it prevented uninterrupted views of the Park.  

This is a post card from the 1950's or 1960's and it shows the 'Pickering Park Tennis Courts'.
Unfortunately, these are no longer in operation,  the pavilion has been demolished and the fence around the courts have also been removed as they had been damaged by vandals over a long period of time.
However, there are plans for this area, to redevelop it into some kind of woodland area.