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    Save our Gates Campaign

We at the Friends of Pickering Park are hoping to raise the money to restore the gates to their former magnificent glory. We will be applying to funders, asking the public and applying to the Heritage Lottery Fund to try and raise the money to restore them. 

In 2010 the estimated cost to restore the gates

was £148,000, the reason why it cost this much is because it is specialist wrought iron work. The gates would have to be removed and taken to the workshop and missing bits copied with recycled materials as far as possible so they can be as  authentic as when they were first erected; a lot of the work can be done in situ, but the other added cost, is that the foundations of the towers will have to be dug up and checked for signs of corrosion. So it is a mammoth task, not suprising really, they are over a hundred years old.



Below gates as they are today

Above is a copy of a picture post card that was found in the Hull History Centre, and it dates from around the time the park first opened.  You can clearly see that one of the gates is opened, a feat that has not been repeated in recent times.

Gate Campaign

When the Friends of Pickering Park started the process of applying for funding to get the gates restored, it was discovered that the original plans of the gates were lost.  So using what ever pictures that could be found and employing a recently retired draughtsman, new plans were drawn up and a copy of what the right hand side of the gates should look like are shown here on the left.